In Bed With Faith

First Impressions

It’s pretty hard not to notice that Faith has enormous tits. She may very well have the biggest tits I’ve ever see on a body like hers. She’s especially remarkable because her breasts are all natural and her body is fairly slim and sexy. The image that greets you on the tour features her in a red and white polka dot bra and it’s far sexier than you can imagine without seeing it. I like that she posts previews of her most recent updates; it lets you know that the site is still fresh and you can check out full sized versions of a few hot pictures.

Hot Promises

Faith calls herself Great Britain’s hottest busty model and at this point I’m inclined to agree. The tour gives you a nice preview of that model, including roughly ten free full sized images. You’ll also find useful information about the content members get access to. The numbers go like this: 12,000+ images, 100+ videos and 4 cam shows a week. She also promises to update twice a week and just recently shot her first XXX video, which promises to be very sexy.


In Bed With Faith is easy to browse but the design is not as smooth and simple as I’m used to seeing for sites like this one. It might sound strange, but I actually like it that way. Faith is supposed to be an amateur girl making a few bucks on the internet because she has a big pair of natural tits and she’s a hottie. An amateurish design reinforces that image in a good way. The annoying part of the design is that she throws ads at you before the content. That’s a big no-no in my book, especially when the ads are just crappy looking banners.

Below those ads you’ll find links to the content sections. Her picture galleries are divided by year, going all the way back to 2004. She looks fairly similar in all of them so just pick your favorite year and enjoy. The videos are split between the newer high definition clips and the older regular definition clips. The difference is more pronounced in these sections so choose based on your desire for crisp video. There’s also Faith’s webcam page and a member’s forum where you can talk with others who have joined the site, chat with Faith and post your ideas for new content sets, etc.

Whatever page you’re on you’ll find a nav bar at the top that will take you to any section. The site’s header also has the latest updates crammed into it and it doesn’t look all that good because the design is slightly flawed. That also appears on every page and it’s a bit of an eyesore. There are roughly 200 photo galleries at In Bed With Faith and each week she adds at least one more, sometimes two. Each year is similar to the last; in 2004 she posed in lots of sexy lingerie and tight outfits. It’s the same in 2007. However, Faith has changed a little. She’s become a little more like a porn star as the years have dragged on. Her makeup is better, her hair is a little blonder and better styled and she seems to have become more comfortable as a model. They’re all positive changes in my mind.

Each gallery has 60-100 images and each is available in a medium or high resolution. By default the pictures open in a new window, which is something I’ve never been fond of. That’s a minor quibble at best though. The salient point is that Faith looks gorgeous in her pictures and if you became a member to see her big tits you’re going to be pleased. There are some galleries where she chooses to leave them inside her sexy lingerie or tight top but she brings them out often enough that you won’t have blue balls.

For the most part Faith poses in lingerie, which is another reason I’m such a big fan. Women always look better in lingerie; that’s what the stuff was invented for. She has a wide variety of outfits, seeing as how I’ve never seen her wear the same thing twice. Occasionally another girl will join Faith for a gallery although they don’t do anything other than pose naked next to each other. There’s no hanky panky here.

The video library has been divided into two parts. The first part features high resolution HD videos and so far Faith has produced more than 85 of them. They’re usually less than five minutes long and they look great, as you’d expect. They’re similar to the picture galleries in that she poses in lingerie most of the time but you can’t underestimate how sexy it is to watch her tits move as she bounces a little or simply gropes them. In Bed With Faith is all about her big tits and they’ll be burned into your brain after you watch one of these videos.

The standard def videos aren’t exactly chopped liver, although the quality is lacking, especially when compared to the newest clips. The content is largely the same, although there were a few videos where Faith and another girl play naked and naughty. I very much enjoyed the video where she makes out with Juliet, a hottie from another site. Faith has also produced one hardcore video. In it she sucks and titty fucks a dick until it comes. It’s shot from a POV perspective so if you’re imaginative enough you can pretend it’s you getting sucked off.

Faith’s webcam shows are a big part of her site. She does four per week and you also get access to four done by another cutie named Chloe. Each girl performs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for 30 minutes. The shows are a good chance to chat with the models and watch them perform live stripteases. It’s like being in a strip club, only the girls are much sexier. I enjoyed the one show I was able to watch immensely.

Croco’s Opinion

In Bed With Faith is a well done site with tons of hot content. Everything centers around Faith, a blonde model with huge tits and a bright smile. If you check out the tour and you find her brand of busty beauty to be your thing then I guarantee you’re going to love the member’s area. She takes good care of you when you join, providing lots of updates, HD videos and a huge archive of content that was shot over the past three years. Plus you get to watch her perform live on webcam four times a week. This is the definition of money well spent.


The member’s area feels a little bit amateur, but it’s supposed to. The only problem I had is the advertisements all over the place. They’re even on the picture galleries.

Pricing Policy

A month’s access is $34.99, which is a little pricey. You can get 60 days access for $59.99.

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